Saturday, January 17, 2015

Life is good!

Can you believe it?! A bit over two years since I've updated this blog. Life sure has it's way of keeping us all busy. Last year had brought a lot of changes in health, love and glass. I started getting really sick and lost a lot of weight quickly despite the fact that I was eating like a horse and always hungry. Turned out I am intolerant to gluten, soy, dairy and whole mess of other things. Now I am feeling MUCH better by controlling my diet and have stabilized my weight. With love came heart break, my husband and I decided to split. It was and still is a very hard thing to go through. We are still friends, keep in touch and love each other very much. We had a good 10+ years together. Love you, Dan-O! The glass has kept me going! In spirit and life, lifts my head up and keeps me on the path. Learning new things, not only in soft glass but in BORO too!! Been having lots of fun and excited to see what the new days bring. I currently don't have any boro pieces in my Etsy but there are some soft glass beads, of course. If you are in need of an eyeball fix, I got ya covered!! Click here to see my Etsy!