Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients from Cathie Carroll

I received my Bead Soup ingredients from Cathie Carroll recently. I squealed with delight when I had seen what she sent!

Of course she had shipped the goods in a traditional shipping box, but once that was opened, it revealed an envelope made out of sheet music that she had cleverly sewn together and had held closed by a beautiful mesh ribbon.

Of course the excitement didn't stop there. Within the music note envelope there was a hand carved Jade focal reading "Passion/Compassion" * 2 Sari Silk ribbons * Carnelian Square with carved flowers * base metal hoops * Victorian era molded glass oval * peach Freshwater Pearls * Adorned Life, Oval Toggle clasp * torch fired enamel swirls and an antique metal bead. I thought the colors and styles of all of these components to be earthy and vintage/romantic. Just the thing I needed to inspire me to create jewelry art again!

Even though I have finished my piece, I can't show you yet. I know, the waiting is torturing me as well, but don't you just love the suspense! Stay tuned and hang in there, all 200 participants will be revealing what they have designed on March 3rd over at Lori Andersons Bead Soup Blog Party.