Thursday, February 3, 2011

My lucky day!

I can't believe my luck! I've been featured in a couple more treasuries!

The first one is Love and whimsy at the seashore curated by BellaFrog. I love the look and feel of this, it reminds my of a Spring day at the beach! You know when it's foggy and chilly in the morning then clears/warms up in the afternoon.

The next one is sea blue done by nurlu. A beautiful blue treasury that has some really cool Etsy items! This blue tone is my most favorite color and I really like the Cotton Fabric Headband!

I want to share the love so let's take a look at their shops and find some favorites!

I love this bright and cheerful Valentine, Easter and spring wreath made by Bella Frog. This would cheer up any grouchy person!

I would totally wear this Hand crochet Lariat Scarf made by nurlu. I'm not normally a flower wearing person but I would love to wear this with a gray spaghetti strapped dress!

Thanks for looking!

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