Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bead Giveaway!

I haven't had a bead giveaway for awhile, so I figured it was about time!

It measures at 27mm long, 19mm wide and 14mm thick. It has a flattened bi-cone base made with River Rock and Silver Leaf. The design is made with a silver reactive color and one of my hand pulled millefiori's.

Below is a side view so help get a better feel for the bead.

There are two ways to win!

1. Leave a comment below!

2. If you are a fan of my Facebook Fanpage (please mention in comment if you are a fan)

All names will be written on a slip of paper, crumpled up, and thrown. Then my helper, Maynard, will pick the winner!

Winner will be chosen some time next week! Good luck everybody!!


ScottBjorge said...

Creative, funky bead. Great job, love seeing your work.

Lea Avroch said...

OOOH! I'd love to win one of your beautiful beads! Pick me Maynard! ;)

Of course you know I'm a huge fan in general and a fan page fan!

Lauren said...

Maynard rocks! And so does that bead - I love it!

I'm a fan in real life and on facebook. :)

Trac Pifer-Kittel said...

Hey Maynard I have some gushy fud for you. Pick my paper sweetie. :) you can come play with my kittehs too. I throw all bad beads on the floor until you bat them under the fridge. ;) (facebook fan)

ScottBjorge said...

Hey Maynard, I forgot to mention that I am a fan of Janels on Facebook and in life. So put in a good word for me.

Michelle Plumb said...

Ooo, please pick me, Maynard! Gorgeous bead!
(I'm also a Facebook fan, does that help? LOL)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Maynard, I am you mommie's biggest fan! (And did I mention... I know where to get some serious good catnip!!!)

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Maynard and I have yet to pick a winner! Hoping to have time tonight!