Saturday, May 15, 2010

Treasury Motherload Weekend!

Yesterday both treasuries were opening. While looking for Fire Divas beads to feature I noticed that a lot of us have sets. My plan was to get the 1st one and fill it up...

...then try to get a second one and do the same thing!

But wait there's more! I was also featured in a couple!!

This one, Faces of Glass, was made by a fellow Fire Diva, DorsetHillBeads

Speaking of faces in glass she makes some of the cutest! Check out one of her Littles! This one is Carla, I love her hairdo!

Then last but definitely not least, here's A Moonlit Spring Evening made by CaitlinSainio This treasury is stunning!

She makes some of the coolest crochet imprinted cards!!

Well thanks everyone, that was fun! In case you want to know when the Etsy Treasuries open next, here's a link to the Treasury Clock!


Betty Ann said...

I just found my new favorite beading resource of all time. I had to share this link with every other bead lover out there.

Eileen said...

awesome post great glass treasuries this week...i'm keeping my eye on the clock as much as i can...thanks for sharing...

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janel! Fun Stuff! Thanks for including me!