Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 2nd Skeleton Key! And more eyeballs!

I was so excited with my 1st skeleton key that I had to make another eye ball one!

Both the 1st and 2nd were made using the same hand pulled millefiori, each bead has 3 mille's, you just can't see all of them.

The 1st one is unintentionally stuck, and the second one is not.

I have yet to get my hands on some Renaissance Wax so I can coat any keys in order for them to be ready for wear.

I have always been fascinated with glass eyeballs!

Here's a set I made for a personal choker. The irises were made with twisties of glass and they are all encased with clear.

Here's one that I was super happy with!!! The mille's in keys 1 and 2 are the same ones I used in this necklace!

A hemp bracelet!


I think out of all the eyeballs I've made the ones on skeleton keys are my favorite!!

Today I made 3 more keys with a new mille cane I pulled yesterday! Curious about the colors I used? We'll have to wait for them to come out of the kiln tomorrow!

BTW come check out the Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge! Lot's of handmade lampwork beads for prizes!

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