Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Than a Mystery...there's prizes too!

I have this mysterious bead I need help identifying. Have you seen one of these? Do you know where it may have come from?

Here's a couple details...

1. It's hollow
2. It looks like it has been soldered on
3. The blue sections are made of real feathers
4. Almost 1 inch around
5. There's 2 flowers and 2 butterflies
6. It looks and feels like the base is made of metal

Now for the rules and prizes!!!


There's 2 ways to win! Make a comment! If you have the correct answer you will get 1st pick of which prize you want! If you just leave a comment you will get the second prize! Winner will be chosen at random by my play-fetch kitty cat, Maynard!
(If there are more than one person who answers correctly, winner will also be chosen by the random kitty generator!)

Cut-off date to enter will be Sunday, March 14th, 6pm PST


Good luck everyone! Thanks for trying to help me solve this mystery!


Kaye Husko said...

looks like Cloisonne to me

Donna Jo said...

second that :)

RusticStudio said...

CreekHiker said...

It's a kingfisher feather bead from China. They are handmade with copper and silver, then covered with real gold. The feathers are worked in last and the blue is their natural color. These beads haven't been shipped to this country in decades and are pretty pricey when you find one in good condition!!!

CreekHiker said...

Rustic was posting while I was... darn!!

carolinainmymind on LE said...

Maynard! What a great name for a cat!
(oh, the beads are beautiful- what are you going to use them for?)

Melissa said...

Looks like they pegged it for you! Gorgeous bead!

Sarah said...

I don't know what it is, but it looks like those Kingfisher feather beads that someone posted a link of.
I think its absolutely stunning!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I've never seen anything like it. Gorgeous bead!

Tease Beads said...

That is beautiful!!