Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Silver Leaf - Come into the light!

I decided to share some things I found out about TAG Green Silver Leaf! From the start this color was giving me quite the hard time. If you have ever used GSL then you should know what I'm talking about. If you have some GSL this will make you want to bring it into the light!

The 1st one is made with a base of Effetre Intense Black, the squiggly line on it is the GSL, the dots were with a color I can't remember then IB, then GSL, then clear, some dots are just clear over the GSL squiggley.

You can see how some greenish blue is peeking through on the squiggle at the top, as well some nasty browns and really opaque light yellow/green through out. Some of the dots show turquiose, blue and an icky burnt orange color. I think the GSL got over reduced.

The 2nd one is made with Intense Black base, GSL dots, reduced, clear. Again I think the GSL got over reduced.

The 3rd one is made with an silvered Ivory base, Intese Black dots, GSL, light reduction,clear dots. The blues were starting to come out in this one! In a couple places on the GSL dots you can see a dark reddish brown.

The 4th one is a base of TAG Oxblood, GSL dots, not reduced and encased with Reichenbach Crystal Clear.

The 5th is a base of Fossil, dots of Oxblood, GSL, not reduced and encased. In this one you can see a faintness of dark blue/purple and almost some dark pink. (more so in person than in this photo though)

Notes: all GSL applied was in 1.5-2mm stringers (roughly)

This step happens fast, for the dots I would put the tip of the stringer almost into the candles, get really hot till it turns clear, gather a little ball and place.

I'm really excited about how the GSL loves Oxblood, can't wait to play some more!

Thanks for reading this! If you want to leave a comment about GSL please do!


Maybeads said...

They're all gorgeous, Janel! You're like a glass scientist - great work!

Jenny @ TAG said...

Ah, the wonders of Oxblood... it can bring out beauty in even the most stubborn silvered glasses! Thanks, Janel, this is really great. ;-D
FWIW, the GSL was an experimental color we made in 2007, and it has been out of stock for quite some time.
~Jenny @ TAG

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Thank you!!