Saturday, January 30, 2010

WHAT?! your favorite color?

Mine is Montuno Opaque made by TAG! (Trautman Art Glass)

I love the deep purple and blues in this rare glass, and when I say rare I mean it's rare!

There was only a couple pounds of this and a maximum buy of 1/4 lbs per person!

How did I get so lucky by finding out about this rare glass? I signed up to receive Newsletters Emails from them! To get the skinny on some fabulous glass, (coe104/coe33) I highly recommend you sign up too!

(I am not a TAG representative and I have not been paid for this, I am an artist who wanted to give a shout out and share my excitement over a new color!)


cabin + cub said...

I voted! ;)

CreekHiker said...

Boy, I was going to say I've never heard of it! Wow!