Friday, January 15, 2010

Fire Diva of the Month - Part Three - 10 Things Silly

The questions for the third week of the Fire Diva of the Month feature are 10 Things Silly! Come and get silly with us! CLICK HERE!

The Fire Divas are a group of Lampworkers that have come together to promote and inspire each other, I am honored to be in such a friendly group of talented lampworking ladies!

The features will be every 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of the month. The next feature are Conclusion Questions!

I want to share some of my favorites from a few of the Fire Divas!

Vito the Valentine Boston Terrier by MAYBEADS

Turquoise Dotted Dread or Focal by RiversEdgeGlass

Cinnabar Artisan Glass Pillow Beads Set of 5 by SilverRiverGlassWork

Hulk Hogan by StudioMarcy

Functional Art - Swizzle Sticks by Teasebeads

Thanks for looking!!!


cabin + cub said...

The boston terrier is so darn cute!!! ;)

CreekHiker said...

Fun post!!! Thanks for posting about us posting about you posting about us posting about you...isn't it great how the love spreads???