Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fire Divas Holiday Challenge

To celebrate the holiday season, the Fire Divas are hosting a Holiday Challenge! We have lots of wonderful beads to choose from; see them below, then pick your favorite, to vote CLICK HERE. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My yummy contribution!

This year for my husbands family Christmas party we were all supposed to bring a dish, I was designated to bring the salad. The ladies all do a recipe exchange so I thought I should share a layered salad recipe that my family has enjoyed for years!

A big clear bowl works best so you can see all the pretty layers!

1 head of lettuce chopped into bite size pieces

1 bunch of chopped green onion

3-4 sticks of chopped celery

2 cans of sliced water chestnuts

1 medium size package of frozen peas

1.5 cups mayonaise

1-2 tbls sugar

4-5 tomatoes sliced

7-8 hardboiled eggs sliced

1 package bacon, cooked, de-fatted and chopped into bits

grated cheese

Make even layer with lettuce, sprinkle onion and celery, lay water chestnuts all around, add frozen peas, evenly spread mayo, sprinkle with sugar, cover and refrigerate over night. Next day add tomatoes, eggs, cheese and cooked bacon.

It is a salad I like to do just for special occasions, even though it takes a bit of time to prep and construct, it takes almost no time to scarf it down!

Enjoy folks and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fire Diva's Jewelry Challenge - Prizes Announced!

The Fire Divas First Jewelry Challenge is underway. We have some lovely entries made with artisan lampwork beads already and more to come, I'm sure!

You may find a few Diva jewelry pieces in there. Those are only there for inspiration. No Diva will be in the final voting pool. This is strictly to encourage the use of artisan made beads and expose work of talented designers out there!

There are also several bead photos in the gallery. Why are there just beads in there??? They are some of the fantastic prizes!!! Let's take a look at what the designers are playing for:

Lea of LAJewelryDesigns has donated a $50 Gift Certificate. Winners choice!!!

Lara of Lutrick has also created a stunning focal. I think that's the chalcedony glass that she makes sing featured on this bead:

Our sweet Janel of JanelDudleyBeads is a dichro master! Check out these pretty fireballs:

Lauren of MayBeads is donating one of her famous turtles. Just check out those toes!

Theresa of TeaseBeads is offering one of her "Everything" focals in a rich color palette:

Barb of RiversEdgeGlass has a whole set of her wave beads in gorgeous cool colors:

Jamie of GlasstasticTreasures has created one of her adoreable squiggle focals in purple and pink:

I'm offering a gift certificate for $50.00 to Holly's Folly to allow the winner to pick something they would like.
Ema of EmaKaye has created one of her intense and precise dotted focals.

With all these fantastic beads for a prize, I hope we'll be seeing even more entries before our 1/01/2010 deadline.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasure Hunting on a Thursday

I was messing around on the computer this morning and saw that I'm in 3 Etsy Treasuries!

The 1st one, "Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah" was made by a fellow Fire Diva, Lauren at Maybeads She makes the most adorable critter beads!

Here is one of my favorites from Maybeads! Mitsie the Mouse in a Santa Hat

The second one is also made by a Fire Diva, "Your Ears Are On FIRE!" by Laurie from Glassbead She makes awesome tribal mask and beautiful fish!

Check out this pretty pink fish from Glassbead!

And the third, "Turquoise Gas, I mean glass" is made by a friend who used to be a Fire Diva, Mallory at Rosebud101 Her shop is full of a great variety of lampwork.

Here's a HOT set of chili peppers from Rosebud101!

Thank you ladies! I appreciate this very much!
Happy Treasuries to you everybody!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge

The Fire Divas are hosting an Introductory Jewelry Challenge! This challenge will be for jewelry designers who use artisan lampwork in their pieces. The winner of the Challenge will receive a beautiful group of Fire Divas' work. This is a wonderful chance for jewelry designers to show off their talents and get exposure!

Now for the details:
This first challenge will allow lampwork from any artisan. We require information about the artisan who made the beads used in the submitted piece, so if you submit something, please be ready to provide that information.

The challenges to follow will only allow Fire Divas' lampwork.

We will allow one submission per person per contest, and a maximum of two photos per submission. Entries may be submitted here (http://www.flickr.com/groups/firedivachallenge/) for approval, no later than January 1, 2010. Please include, in the comments section, the following:
Information about the beads:
Description of the piece:
Inspiration for the piece:

Fire Divas reserve the right to approve or reject any submissions.

Fire Divas reserve the right to modify or cancel the challenge at any time.

Ok, the boring stuff is over - go have fun creating!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fire Divas Thanksgiving Challenge

To celebrate the season of giving, the Fire Divas are having a Thanksgiving Challenge! Some of our members have made wonderful pieces for YOU to vote on. First, enjoy viewing these wonderful treasures. When you're done, please vote for the bead you are thankful for on right side of the Fire Divas' blog. The voting will stay open for one week - then the winner will receive a really cool prize!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Glass orphan families

After trying out different color combos over an amount of time, you start to accumulate orphan beads that have no family of their own. It's so sad, these little guys are small and alone and scared to go into the world.

So I created mini families of orphans, that way they can embrace the world together and not be so scared, knowing that their family is near by.

Check out the little orphan families in my Etsy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winner of the Freebie BIG hOle bead!

Thank you all for commenting and for following mine and the Fire Divas blogs!

So we decided to let our cat, Maynard, pick the winner!! He's an adorable Maine Coon that likes to play fetch with little rolled up balls of paper.

On each of these pieces of paper are the names of everyone who entered.

Whichever name Maynard brings back is the winner!

Congratulations Mallory at Rosebud101!! Email me your address and I will get this out to you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freebie BIG hOle bead!

This is the 4th big hole bead that I have made.

I used silver saturated soft glass on a purple base and encased with clear.

Inside the etched hole there are silvered River Rock dots.

It measures in at 19x23mm with a hole size of 6mm, now mind you these sizes are approximate!

How to enter!

!!!!!!All three in list required!!!!!!

1. Make a comment down below.

2. Become a follower on my blog.

3. Become a follower of the Fire Divas blog

If you already are a follower of both blogs than all you have to do is make a comment!
A winner will be randomly picked a week from today, on Tuesday, November the 3rd!

Good luck everybody and happy beading!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Stampen with Holly'sFollyGlass

I recently had the chance to interview Holly at Holly'sFollyGlass. Not only is she a talented glass bead maker, a glass fuser and jewelry designer, she is also a stamp maker at Sweet Stampen and she also teaches classes! Let's see what Holly has to say...

1. When did you start making stamps?
Stamping has led me to so many places. I first stamped in 94. I wanted a little set of flowers around some mirrors in a very tiny bathroom. This was before I ever painted. I went into a store and saw art rubber stamps and bought a set of flowers and immediately asked about using them with latex paint... the store owner thought I was nuts. It took several attempts but I made it work. I cleaned those stamps and put them in a drawer.

A few years later, I bought a Southern Living yearbook and it had rubber stamped velvet blankets inside. I called the company, Hot Potatoes, and placed a huge order and made everyone blankets for Christmas. This led me to a rubber stamp convention where I got a flyer on my car for a stamp store around the corner from my house. I started teaching there and one of my students told me about The Carol Duvall Show... the Hot Potatoes lady, Mary O'Neil was on the show as were all these other stampers. I watched all the episodes and knew the guests inside and out and when one of my commercial production houses (where I worked) went under, I sent a resume to the producer of the show. I ended up producing many of the rubber stampers and worked on Carol's show for seven seasons.

I loved that you could "almost" stamp on anything. And through taking stamp classes, I started using better art materials which made me realize I had been fighting my artistic side forever. I had an art teacher when I was young who basically told all of us that we weren't artists. There was one kid in class that could draw and no of us had his natural ability and she rubbed it in our faces.

It wasn't until years after Carol when I was hired to create most of the projects AND build the step outs for every project on another crafting show that I realized I was an artist. My best friend from childhood was visiting me and they would come home from doing touristy things, and I would be sketching, etching, stamping, sewing, painting, embellishing....you name it, I did it. And it had to be perfect and replicated many times for tv! My friend pointed out to me that I was an artist. I argued. She made me realize I still had our old teacher in my head. Another friend and famous stamper, Jane Beard, taught me that art is a gift for a FEW PEOPLE, but for most, it's a skill. Skills can be learned.

2. What was it that got you into making stamps
While working for Carol, I went to trade show and discovered a Cordon Bleu trained chef (Laure'l Silverberg) and she was rubber stamping on cookies. She had discovered a food grade rubber and created a low sugar food color (that wouldn't ruin in a stamp pad) and was making gorgeous cookie bouquets.

I went to work as a marketing director for her company, Sweet Stampen, after I left Carol. In 2004, I was recovering from foot surgery and learning to walk again. Laure'l and I had written a book and made a video when she just decided she was tired. She sold me the company.

Within a few months, another friend from my Carol years talked me into getting certified to teach PMC. While sitting in the class and using the stamps they gave us, I hated them. The stamps had these huge gaps that didn't play well in a tiny piece of jewelry. I came home and started sketching. I had never had a desire to design my own stamps and I inherited enough raw images to keep the company going for a decade! But I KNEW I had to have better tools to teach PMC.

I got those first plates back from the engraver and made up the stamps and then made some PMC to go with it. I loved them. So I sent them to a few PMC teachers I knew and before I knew it, I landed my first big account with the PMC Corporation.

But my bread and butter is bakeries. I have an international restaurant chain that stamps on their pastries that I design images and keep them stocked with food color and accessories.

And along the way, I licensed Museum of Modern Rubber and Pansy Lane images and their customer's keep me hopping!

3. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about making stamps?

I hate indexing wood. The soy ink stains my hands for days and if you mess up, you end up with lots of kindling for the fireplace!

4. Do you have other craft/art hobbies/interest?
I did oil painting while I was in a wheelchair. I fuse glass but my passion is flame-worked glass. I also make jewelry, but only to show off my beads. I do love bead crochet.

5. What is your favorite thing to do?
Torching or hiking with my pup.

6. If you had to choose between a luxury car or a muscle car, which would you pick?
I'm not into cars... I just like one that runs!

7. Roller skates or roller blades?
Skates (but I would kill myself if I dared try!)

8. Sunrise or sunset?
I love a nice sunrise, especially when I'm all alone to greet the day.

9. If you had a bucket list what would be the #1 thing?
To see the waterfalls in Argentina again.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun fish tutorial by Aardvark Art Glass!

I recently listed "Lester the Fish" in my Etsy!

He was made using, "It's a Wonderful Fish" tutorial by Cathy from aardvarkartglass

Cathy also has a "Screaming Cactus" tutorial that I haven't tried yet.

If you would like to try both she has a Tutorial Bundle that includes the Screaming Cactus and Wonderful Fish!

Thank you Cathy! I had a blast!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Good Kitty!

I'd like to share this Flame Thrower Kitty made by my friend Holly at HollysFollyGlass

Also check out Holly's Folly Bead & Jewelry Blog for her latest in handmade lampwork beads and jewelry!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My 3rd big hOle bead!

Just wanted to share my latest BHB! Even though it takes quite a long time to design, melt down, shape and trying to get it off the mandrel, it's so worth it! I acid etched the hole to give it a nice matte look.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bikes and Beauties

In the past couple of weeks I have become an amateur photographer for Francine and Scott Johnson of Johnson Rock Hard Presents.

Francine and Scott have recently started a company that focuses on the down hill mt. bike trails located at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City NV.

More exciting pics and info to come in the very near future!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adding a creative upcycled touch

One of the things I do while not lampworking, is make my own business card envelopes and and "Thank you" cards from magazines or books that are destined for the landfill.

I've found that the best place to find books and magazines are thrift stores, yard sales and the unwanted rack at the library.

(At first I really didn't feel right cutting up books, but I reminded myself where their path would otherwise be heading.)

Each envelope and card adds a visually fun and unique upcycled touch. They are a useful way to send a "Thank you" and an excellent way to present a business card!

In the near future I would like to use recycled only shipping products!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crochet Inspiration

I would like to take a moment to share some fantastic hand crocheted beaded creations made by Sylvia Kubilus-Elam from

Here is an intricate and glamorous knitted Red Hatters Bag! But it's not just a bag it's also a necklace!

With the size of 2-1/2" x 3" and a rope length of 25" you can easily store your mini treasures while wearing them close to your heart.

Sylvia at beadacious1221.etsy.com recently made a bead crochet necklace using one of my focals! I am honored to see that such a highly talented jewelry artist would use one of my creations in one of hers!!

To see more of beadacious1221.etsy.com fabulous crochet creations check out her blog at